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Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Diagnostics Ensuring high quality products, accelerating innovation and reducing costs. We help you to accelerate innovation, reduce cost, and achieve the highest quality products while making compliance a by-product of excellent manufacturing processes for your medical devices.

We Accelerate Innovation & Reduce Costs of Medical Device Manufacturing

Opcenter Execution Medical Device and Diagnostics (formerly known as “Camstar Medical Device Suite”) is a leading manufacturing execution solution in the medical device and diagnostics industry for error-proofing processes, paperless manufacturing, and electronic device history records (eDHR) and electronic batch records (eBR).

Emerging, midsize, and global companies are faced with the challenge of balancing cost reductions and regulatory compliance while consistently producing high-quality products. Opcenter Execution Medical Device and Diagnostics has a proven track record of helping medical device and diagnostic companies excel in the face of these challenges.


of manufacturers will innovate their service execution by implementing AI in automated decision-making and self-healing assets by 2022.

Our Key Offerings

Data Collection & Acquisition

Our data collection and acquisition capabilities enable you to obtain operational production data that is associated with production equipment and processes.
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Dispatching Production

Proper sequencing of manufacturing operations and WIP driven by intuitive task management makes it easy for operators to perform the right job at the right time.
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Document Control

Our Digital Industries Software document control solution provides the ability to control records and forms that are maintained with the production unit.
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